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Fred Holder, Editor and Publisher

Here is a list of the articles that we have published in Blacksmith's Gazette and also here on the Internet. We've given you a list to allow you to pick the article that suits your needs.

redball Welding

redball Caniron 1--First Canadian Biennial Blacksmiths Conference

redball Blacksmithing Tools--Part III

redball What is Metal Spinning?

redball Blacksmithing Processes--Part I

redball Blacksmithing Processes--Part II

redball The Smith's Tools--Anvil Tools

redball The Hudson Bay Camp Knife (a Project)

redball Double Tongs

redball Project Anvil  (Revised March 27, 1997)

redball Project Swage Block and Cone Mandrel  (Created November 19, 1998)

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