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Reviews of Blacksmithing and Bladesmithing Books

Here is a list of Book Reviews that we have published in Blacksmith's Gazette. With this revision to our site, we've given you a list to allow you to pick the book that you are currently interested in knowing more about.

redball   Anvils in America

redball   Pounding out the Profits (a book on power hammers)

redball   How to Weld on a Blacksmith's Anvil, by Robert M. Heath

redball   Tool Shed Treasury, by Hank Allen

redball   Decorative Ironwork: Wrought Iron, Lattice-work, Gates, and Railings, by Margarete Baur-Heinhold

redball   Charcoal and Charcoal Burning, by D. W. Kelley

redball   The Hand Forged Knife, by Karl Schroen

redball   Antler and Iron II, by Gene Chapman

redball   Knives '97, edited by Ken Warner

redball   Bent Iron Work, edited by Paul N. Hasluck

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redball   Hand Forging and Wrought-Iron Ornamental Work Thomas Googerty

redball   Working in Metals Sleffel

redball   On the Construction of Locks and Keys John Chubbs

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